When WCC and BCC came together, we had three chief desires:

  • Mobilize Vision – We have the ability to bring our leadership and resources together in a way that will allow us to bring vitality and health to our community.
  • Multiply Impact – Because of the resources that each church brings, we can hit the ground running and make an immediate, significant impact for God’s Kingdom.
  • Model Unity – Coming together allows us to model unity in a way not often seen in the Pacific Northwest, let alone the country. We believe this will serve as a testimony of how churches can come together to impact their local communities and the world!

Together, these three things give us the opportunity to Magnify Jesus in a significant way, allowing us to make disciples and a real impact in our communities for Jesus!

Now, as as we reach out to serve and connect with our local community and invite new people into our church, we want to ensure our building looks and feels like a place for everyone.

Our building and meeting spaces within it are in need of updating. From simple things like carpet and paint to increasing needs for new seating and gathering options, there is an incredible opportunity ahead of us.

A Strong First Impression

We are updating our atrium, worship center, and kids spaces to create warm, welcoming environments where people can connect into community and grow in their relationship with Jesus.


We look forward to making the atrium an even better place for connection in a variety of contexts. This includes new seating options, such as new stadium-like seating on the main stairwell and new, comfortable couches and chairs. In addition, we’re adding a large screen wall that protects the Worship Center from too much light and sound entering from the atrium and serves as a natural backdrop for mid-sized gatherings.

  • New seating options – tables, chairs, and sofas for conversation or reading a good book
  • A remodeled café – a gathering place for community
  • A warmer environment – new surfaces and fixtures that incorporate wood and new carpet to create even more of a welcoming feel


The Lord continues to bring more and more new people to our church, and we want to make sure they can connect with the Sunday service experience. This includes the technology we use to share the Gospel message, as well as the look and feel of the room itself. This includes:

  • The improvements already made to our sound system, acoustic paneling, and new screens
  • New carpet and surfaces
  • Removal of old projector screens and new wall and stage treatments to aid in our communication of the Gospel

BCC Kids

Each week, kids from birth through fifth grade experience safe and fun environments where they can grow in relationship with friends, leaders, and God. We teach the Bible in creative and relevant ways so that children can grasp and understand God’s word.

Because we think kids are awesome, we are passionate about creating dynamic and stimulating environments that reinforce the lessons we’re teaching through the use of color and other visuals. We’ll also be looking for ways to enhance our classrooms with some additional furniture and other helpful fixtures.

How Can I Support?

At this point, you might be thinking, “This all sounds great, but I’m not sure what you’re needing me to do.”

Each person in our church is at a different place in their relationship with Jesus, but everyone who calls BCC their church home has one thing in common: they felt known by this community.

But feeling known is just the start.

Growing in our relationship with Jesus requires movement. It requires taking steps forward in pursuit of what He’s individually calling you toward in addition to where He’s calling our church.

If you call BCC your church home, we invite you to consider what your next step is.


Maybe your next step is to jump into a serving role. We have opportunities on Sundays and throughout the week, from greeting on Sundays, to leading our kids, to supporting our students, and even writing cards to let people know they’re being prayed for! We’re also continuing to build relationships with local organizations to better serve our community.

Learn More About Serving

Engage in Community

We talked about it earlier, but as we approach the fall, consider joining Rooted, a Men’s or Women’s Community, or Senior Life Connect.

Learn More About Community

Give Faithfully

Because we believe strongly in the vision God has given us, we believe everyone who calls BCC their church home should commit to giving financially on a regular basis. This isn’t a mindless obligation, however, it’s a cheerful and exciting act that supports the ministry of our church! We choose to sacrifice a portion of our income because we believe it’s the right response to a God who has been so gracious to us.

Learn More About Giving

As we each faithfully pursue what Christ is calling us toward next, we can trust that God will continue to work through our community, drawing more and more people close to Himself.

Thank you for loving BCC. The best is yet to come!