Men's Community

For every man, wherever you are in your faith journey.

Men’s Community is a place to circle up with guys looking to pause, get focused on God, and encourage each other.

Each week you’ll reflect on scripture and discuss how it’s been impacting your daily life. Together we’ll grow a deeper, healthier view of God, ourselves, and community.

Let’s huddle up and discover who God is calling us to be.

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In this current season, we are connecting men into community on an ongoing basis. Shoot us an email with your availability and a little bit about you, and we'll take it from there!


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For Men Only (FMO)

A survey from 2006 revealed that half of all men involved in church struggle with sexual purity issues. Today that percentage is likely much higher. Understandably, this struggle is difficult to talk about, leaving many men to live in daily shame, pain, and isolation. With time, this isolation ends up hurting their marriage and family.

More than a sharing or support group, FMO groups are interactive communities facilitated by trained group coordinators. You won’t learn to “try harder,” but instead, live differently.