International Missionaries

Beaverton Christian Church supports both long-term missionaries in other countries as well as those who wish to make a difference in the lives of the less-fortunate on a short-term basis. Below are the current families we’re supporting internationally.


Matthew & Chelsea Connor

Maluku, Indonesia • Wycliffe Bible Translators

Matthew and Chelsea work in Maluku, Indonesia, with Wycliff Translators. They are focused on helping start translation programs in languages that have no Bible translation and teach local churches how to use translated materials. They also work to create Scripture songs in the local language and style.

Josh & Risa Hobson

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The Hobsons work to provide respite care for missionaries and pastors in the field out of their base in Portugal.

Brendon and Naomi Yoder

Papua, Indonesia • Wycliffe Bible Translators
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Brendon and Naomi Yoder, with their children Luke, Silas, and Analeigh, serve in Papua, Indonesia. They are helping translate the Bible into the Abawiri language. Additionally, Brendon is finishing up a PhD in linguistics so that he can assist other Bible translation projects throughout Indonesia. The Yoders are preparing to return to Indonesia in January 2018.

Brendon’s trip to Indonesia in summer 2016 was a big success! He worked with the Abawiri community to design an alphabet, so now for the first time ever the language can be written down. The trip made the Yoders more eager to move back there again full-time.

Here is a short 4-minute video about the Abawiri workshop so that you can see the amazing doors that are opened through having an alphabet.

Enjoy the video here!