BCC Kids at Home: August 30

Online video and curriculum for you to do as a family at home!

Check here Thursdays to see new curriculum and videos, discussion questions, and downloadable crafts for you to do at home!

1. Watch the Worship & Bible Story Video!

2. Do the Activities as a Family!


WHAT YOU NEED: “Helpers” Activity Page (attached)

WHAT YOU DO: Point to the helpers in each picture, one at a time, and talk about who they are and how they help. (Nurses and doctors helps when we’re sick, teachers help us learn, mail carriers bring our mail, firefighters and police keep us safe, handymen take care of our homes, and Tabitha helped by making clothes for people who needed them). Remind your child that THEY can be a helper. Ask them how they can help. Say, “Remember, God made you to help others! Why? Because He loves you.”


WHAT YOU DO: Print the attached Design activity sheet. Tell your child that they are going to be helpers just like Tabitha in our Bible story. The child in the picture needs help designing their clothes...so encourage your child to color or paint a design of their choosing onto the picture.

Encourage them to use different colors and patterns on the clothing. Praise their designs and remind them that God made us to help each other and that they are one amazing helper!

Who Told You?

Remember back to the first time you heard about God? Was it at church? Home? School? Who told you? Grab your parent and have them help you think through the first time you heard about God!

Thank God for putting someone in your life to tell you about Him!

Share and Tell

We are created to share all about God with our friends and family. We can tell them about all the good things He has done. Sometimes all it takes is an opportunity to do that. Pray the prayer below and ask God to give you chances to tell others about Him.

“Dear God, I want to tell others all about You and how You created them and created them to be super special. God, give me the chance to tell others about how cool You are. I pray that I will get the chance to do that soon. Thank You for all You have created. I love You, God. Amen.”

Ask God to give you chances to tell friends and family about all He has created.

Discussion Questions

Here are some great questions for discussion with older kids:

1. What do you think is the most important thing you can do in order to use your talents, mind, and creativity to point others to God?

2. What might you need to do differently if you thought of yourself as light and salt to those around you every day?

3. Why is it important for those who follow Jesus to tell others about Him?

4. What makes it hard to tell others aboutJesus? What do we worry will happen if we tell people about Jesus? How can we overcome our fears?

For memory verses, discussion questions, and prayer, please download the PDFs below!