BCC Kids at Home: December 6

Online video and curriculum for you to do as a family at home!

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1. Watch the Worship & Bible Story Video!

2. Do the Activities as a Family!


WHAT YOU NEED: Medium-sized bucket or basket, two baby bottles, two pacifiers, two diapers, two baby blankets, and two bibs.

WHAT YOU DO: Invite your child to pull out the items in the bucket or basket. Challenge them to find the pairs. Remind them as you play that today's story was about a very special baby!


WHAT YOU DO: Use the template included. Have your child color or watercolor paint the circle and help your child cut along the lines. Connect the angel's body and wings together using the slits (see the picture included for final results)!

Jesus is Promised

Read Ezekiel 12:28

When was the last time someone made a promise to you and that promise was broken? Can you think of an example? Sooner or later, everyone breaks a promise because everyone, including you, is imperfect. Everyone, including you, makes mistakes. But there is good news. God is not like us. He is completely perfect.

There is no wrong or bad or imperfect part of Him. He never messes up,
says something He doesn’t mean, or “forgets.” When God makes a promise, you can trust that it’s as good as done. Because God said He would send His one and only Son and because He did, you can trust God, always.

Below is a secret message! Cross out all the letters in the alphabet in
order starting with the “A” at the beginning and ending with “Z”. Then
write the remaining letters in the blanks below in order to reveal the
key truth from today’s verse.


“__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __.”

Promises, Promises

Have you ever made a promise to a friend? Did you keep that promise? Make a list of all the promises you’ve made that you can remember. God’s list would be really really long because there are thousands of promises in the Bible. Can you imagine making that many promises and keeping them? When God makes a promise to us, we can have hope. Know we can have hope because God keeps all His promises.