BCC Kids at Home: February 21

Online video and curriculum for you to do as a family at home!

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1. Watch the Worship & Bible Story Video!

2. Do the Activities as a Family!


WHAT YOU DO: Use the attached page to put a thumbs up on one side of the room and a thumbs down on the other. Call out one of the "choices" below and ask the children to decide if it is a good choice or a bad choice. If it is a good choice, ask them to run to the thumbs-up, and if it is a bad choice they run to the thumbs-down.


• Brushing your teeth
• Not picking up your toys
• Arguing with your sibling
• Helping with dinner
• Saying your prayers
• Not doing what your mommy and daddy say
• Bringing a friend a flower
• Being a good listener )


WHAT YOU DO: Set up a doctor’s station for your child’s toys or stuffed animals. Ask them to bring you a stuffed animal and tell you why he isn’t feeling well. Offer bandages and blankets and have your child act as a doctor to help their animals feel better. Remind them that our story today was about how Jesus helped someone who was sick. Jesus loves us and wants to help us, too!

Story Time

Read Luke 10:25-37
Jesus would often tell stories to help His audience understand His teaching. Today you are reading about The Good Samaritan.

Bottom line is that the Samaritan felt sorry for the man and showed kindness, even though they were very different from one another. He stopped and helped the man. He saved his life.

Jesus ends His story by saying, 'Go and do as he did."

Grab a piece of paper and draw a picture of this story in 2020.

When you finish, write, "Be kind to people who are different from you" on the page. Share this picture with your family and talk about ways you "go and do as he did" and show kindness to others this week.

Kindess Matters

Read Romans 13:10

When Jesus was talking about loving your neighbor, He wasn't just talking about the people who live in your neighborhood. Neighbor includes pretty much anyone and everyone you see each day.

Kindness is showing others how valuable they are by how you treat them.
Jesus said to love others as you love yourself. That means that everyone deserves kindness, even people who look, think, act, and talk differently than you.