BCC Kids at Home: March 14

Online video and curriculum for you to do as a family at home!

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1. Watch the Worship & Bible Story Video!

2. Do the Activities as a Family!


WHAT YOU DO: Ask your child to do the following activities with their feet: Jump, small hop, stomp, march in place, run in place, and kick the air. Ask them if they can think of other fun things to do with their feet. Today's story was all about how Jesus washed his friends' feet and how we can be a good friend, too!


WHAT YOU DO: Use the sink or a small tub to set up a toy car wash. As your child cleans their cars or other small toys in the soapy water, remind them that today's story was about how Jesus cleaned up something stinky and dirty with water, too! He wants us to start our engines and GO love like him! We can love others like Jesus, when we practice being a good friend.

God Has a Better Way

Read Colossians 3:12

Do you remember what the golden rule says? Does it say, “Treat others the way they treat you?”Nope. If we always chose to treat people the way they treat us, this world would be a pretty scary place.

God has a better way. He asks us to treat others the way we want to be treated. Because you are dearly loved, because God always treats you with patience and love, you should treat others that way, too. Even when it’s super hard to show patience, remember the truth that you—no matter what choices you make—are dearly loved by God.

Grab the shoes you wear each day to school. On a piece of tape, write the word “patience.”
Place this patience tag on the inside of your shoe to remind you to clothe yourself with patience. As you lace up those shoes each morning, ask God to help you treat others with patience; the way He always treats you.

Remember God is With You

Read Exodus 32:1-20As you read Exodus 32:1-20, use emojis to illustrate what you read. You can draw simple ones yourself, or use the notes app on a device to create your emoji re-creation.

Keep going until you’ve told the whole story in emoji-form.