BCC Kids at Home: March 21

Online video and curriculum for you to do as a family at home!

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1. Watch the Worship & Bible Story Video!

2. Do the Activities as a Family!


WHAT YOU NEED: Basket, bean bags, and a kitchen timer.

WHAT YOU DO: Place basket in the center of the room. Toss the bean bags all around. Set the timer to one minute and ask your child to run and collect them and place them in the basket. Repeat the activity, decreasing the time on the timer each round. Tell them that in today's story, we heard how Jesus loves us ALL and never wants to leave anyone behind.


WHAT YOU DO: Jesus taught us that the number one, most important thing to do is to love people. Jesus showed us how love to others. Let’s make a number one finger to wear to show that you and I can do the number one most important thing and love like Jesus, too! Color and cut out the attached page!

Calming Down

Read Proverbs16:32

According to our verse today, what’s better? To choose patience or to lose your temper? Instead of fighting or insisting your way is right, it’s better to take a deep breath. It’s better to calm down before you blow up. Becoming frustrated and impatient won’t solve the problem. So, instead of blowing up, what if you
tried these steps instead:

Calm It Down Steps:
1. Stop
2. Count to 10
3. Try again

When you’re not patient, it could cost you. You could end up hurting others by saying something unkind that you don’t mean. You could even end of up hurting yourself. So the next time you’re about to lose control because you think you can’t wait, stop, count to ten, and then try again. Ask God to help you so you can protect yourself and others.

Learning From Others

Just like we can learn from the stories of people like Jacob and Esau in the Bible, we can also learn from our friends and family and their stories. Today, you’re going to do just that. Grab a sheet of paper and a pen. Then go around and interview everyone you can find. Ask them the following questions:
1) Have you ever missed out on something because you didn’t wait?
2) If yes, what do you wish you had done differently?
3) If no, what is something that you work hard at being patient so that you won’t miss out?