High School – Wed, July 8 and Middle School – Sun, July 12

A message from Pastor Marty and Pastor Dayne

Questions for this Week:

After listening to the message, we have some questions for you to talk through with your friends, family, or small group:

1. What stood out to you from todays message?

2. When we invite Jesus, he always shows up. What are some ways or areas you want to invite Jesus into right now?

3. Jesus loves to use whatever we have. What is your next step right now in your walk with Jesus?

4. How full is your “Jar?” In other words, if your life were an iPhone Battery, what % battery life are you on right now? Why?

5. Spend some time in prayer, and invite Jesus to fill your life.

Stay tuned next week for video message, audio, and other resources in our current series!

Please don’t hesitate to contact Marty with any questions or prayer requests via email at martym@beaverton.cc