re: Found Coin

September 5, 2021 • Aline Bahamondez and BJ Quimba

Thank you for joining us! Every week, we talk about the message from the weekend - what stood out, why it matters, and how the Gospel leads us to action. In this episode, we discuss podcasting magic, presence, and being found. Hosted by Aline Bahamondez and BJ Quimba.

Scripture Passage(s): Luke 15:8-10

Aline and BJ's Notes:

Check out Andrew's leadership podcast, Willamette Network.

We discussed the book, Emotionally Healthy Discipleship, by Peter Scazzero.

The term we were looking for was Highway Hypnosis.

Is "Hog" a real nickname for a motorcycle? You decide.

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re: Found Coin
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