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Great Expectations

Children live with an eager anticipation of Christmas morning, often obsessing, “I wonder what I will get?” As we mature we discover that what we offer at Christmas produces a joy that is truly greater than anything we can expect in return- each of our gifts saying something special about both the giver and receiver. What if this Christmas the gifts we offer one another are less “thing” and more a demonstration of Christ like character on their behalf? What kind of environment might that create in the world around us? Scripture offers us a unique look into the lives of people who were awaiting the arrival of Jesus that First Christmas, and in them we see the character qualities that fashioned the atmosphere of the original Christmas season. Join us each Sunday this December as we count down to the celebration of Jesus’ birth by diving into the gift of Godly character- A Godly nobility that enriches us blesses the people we love.


December 30, 2018

Speaker: Marty Miranda

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