Serve at BCC

Your gifts and passions make a difference here.

We value radical hospitality and uncommon humility. Whether you prefer to be upfront or behind the scenes, there is a place for you to serve at BCC.

At Beaverton Christian Church, we believe that we are all called to serve using the gifts God has given us, investing back into the church that we call home! Additionally, we believe that life change happens in the context of meaningful relationships, and serving gives each of us the opportunity to do just that.Your gifts and passions can make a major difference at BCC. Whether you prefer to be upfront and directly interact with people or you’d rather stick to behind the scenes work, there’s an opportunity for everyone to serve here.

Dive right in!If you know just where you want to serve click the button below and search for the serving opportunity you are passionate about!

Looking to browse?If you have some ideas but you aren’t positive on where to serve, click the button below to browse various areas of serving at BCC!

Need Help?If you are unsure of which option would suit you best, fill out this form and someone will be in contact to help you determine a great next step in serving!