A Little More Special Sunday

We all know that I’m supposed to say that every Sunday service is special at Beaverton Christian Church, and I also know that by saying it I put you in the position where you should politely agree with me, but let’s be real with each other - some Sundays are a little more special than others, aren’t they?

Consider Christmas and Easter, we all get excited about those services and that’s why so many people make an extra effort to attend on those days.

Well, this Sunday is one of those “A Little More Special Sundays” and I’d love to encourage you to join us in person because we have an opportunity to hear from an incredibly wise man and a great teacher who’s made a tremendous impact on my life and studies over the years.

We’ll be interrupting our current series this Sunday because we’re honored and excited to host Dr. Nijay Gupta here at BCC. Dr. Gupta is Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary, the Co-host of The Slow Theology podcast, Co-Chair of the Pauline Theology Seminar of the Institute for Biblical Research, and he serves as a Senior Translator for the New Living Translation of the Bible.

In addition to this, Dr. Gupta is also the author of many books, and his most recent is “Tell Her Story: How Women Led, Taught, and Ministered in the Early Church”. He’ll be encouraging us with a message about the important ways that women served the mission of Jesus in the first century, and I can’t believe how blessed we are to have this opportunity together!

We all know and agree that every Sunday is special at BCC (wink/nod) but I know that this one will be an encouragement and a blessing to you, and I’ll look forward to seeing you for worship and encouragement at 9am or 10:45am!