From Our Elders & Leadership

As you scroll through this annual report, we pray that you are encouraged and reminded of the incredible goodness of our God.

If you call our church your church home, you are a part of a story that is truly inspiring. We are one church in three locations - each location with its own vibrant history, and together, a thriving ministry that the Lord is using in truly incredible ways. For almost 70 years, the Lord has blessed Willamette Christian Church, located in West Linn. For over 95 years, He has blessed Beaverton Christian Church. And the legacy of Hope City Church is a very special one - a 10-year-old church plant that merged with a 75-year-old church in Milwaukie to build a new thing and reach people in a new way.

Our church has seen many changes over the combined 250 years it has been in existence, and yet, we absolutely believe the best is still to come. We believe that our God is constantly calling us forward, consistently renewing us, and daily presenting us opportunities to trust Him, place our faith in Him, and be courageous for Him. And because of that, we know He has massive ministry for us to participate in.

Thank you for your sacrifices of finances, of time, and talents to be a part of this incredible church family. Thank you for being a blessing to your neighbors locally, nationally, and globally. Thank you for investing your time, talent, and treasure into the ministry of our church. We celebrate incredible stories of impact with you.

We are humbled and grateful to serve with you, and we want you to know we pray continuously for you. We anticipate even more of God’s goodness in the months and years to come.

2022 Elder Board

Mike Grubb, Kevin Marple, Rich Miller, and Joe Villa

Lead Pastors

Jon Furman of Beaverton Christian, Brian Becker of Willamette Christian, and Daniel Knutson of Hope City Church

Lead Executive

Chris Yarco