Dear BCC Family,

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: ...”

As I’m writing this, hundreds of birds are chirping and alighting on the trees and bushes around me, spring flowers are still in bloom, the landscape is incredibly green and healthy, and creation is pointing to the onset of summer. Especially noticeable is the zip in students’ steps as they’re sporting shorts and counting down the days till their break. I love summer! And I believe summer in Oregon is unlike any place on earth.

I’m enjoying this beauty while taking stock of all that the Lord has done through the faithfulness of the Beaverton Christian Church community. Over the last months, dozens of people have proclaimed their faith in Jesus, students have served locally and internationally, the City of Beaverton has been served with road cleanup projects, Easter Egg Hunts, and concerts with food and festivities for all ages. Week in and week out, the facility hosts groups and non-profits who encounter hospitality, warm spaces, and necessary resources to help serve real needs.

Beaverton is a flourishing church. It is a kind church. It is a church full of generous and committed people who welcome others who are simply seeking something more for their lives. All of you together create a beautiful picture of a healthy, thriving community and I’m so grateful for you. This summer season, I’m praying and trusting that God will produce more and more fruit in each of your lives, and through you as a church family.

As part of one church in multiple locations, we want to share with you that WCC Lead Pastor Brian Becker will be moving to Northern California to serve a church in Folsom as their lead. It’s been a special journey with Brian and Jenn Becker during these last ten years and we are mindful of all that we saw the Lord do in our time together. Through the generosity of BCC and WCC families, you provided financial and relational support to ensure Hope City, a church planted by the Beckers in SE Portland, could thrive. Hope City merged into WCC five years ago, joining with Milwaukie Christian Church, and since January 2021, Brian has led the Willamette campus. Leading Hope City now are Daniel and Brandy Knutson, who are amazing shepherds and pastors in that community. We are so grateful that WCC and Hope City – like BCC ­– are places where our values are strong, and where so many are coming to know, love and follow Jesus.

We trust the Lord for who will next join our team – as a leader for the Willamette campus and member of the Executive team, along with Jon Furman, Daniel Knutson, Josh Grant, and Grant Hickman. The elders and I are already praying for divine guidance and wisdom in the selection – and we know we can count on you to be praying with us as we seek to follow God’s perfect plans.

We are so grateful for the committed and faithful leaders that we have across our church. I pray that your summer is filled with joy, with community, with family, and with friendships. But more than all of that, I pray that you encounter Jesus in new ways in the beauty that is summer.

Chris Yarco
Executive Lead