Ministry Partner Update - Dwayne, Helen, Lisa, and Michael Rainwater

Rainwater Update Photo

While currently residing in Canada awaiting (CAN) residency paperwork, Dwayne and the translation team have completed the transcription of the New Testament text into the local script, N'ko, and are currently working on some final checks and corrections to ready the Roman script as well as the N'ko script text for publication. We join the Rainwaters in their immense gratitude for the translators who are set up with computer, electrical, and internet equipment to be able to continue working via Zoom and look forward to seeing the NT printed in book form, as well as made available as smartphone apps for people to use. In the interim, a fellow missionary is sharing Scripture portions via Facebook to provide access to many people who have no contact with missionaries or Christians in hopes of sparking their interest in checking out more resources. Please pray that people would hunger and thirst to know more about Jesus.

Dwayne and Helen have received many requests from fellow missionaries begging them to record the New Testament, since a large percentage of this people group is illiterate and will only have access to God's Word in audio form. Please pray that God would open the way for them to finalize the lengthy residency process and be granted paperwork enabling them to spend a month or two in West Africa next summer to record the New Testament.

We are grateful for your faithful prayers and support.

Dwayne, Helen, Lisa, and Michael Rainwater

Check out the video we put together that explains the transcription process and the reasons for it.