Ministry Partner Update - Takeshi and Donna Aida, Sayama Church of Christ, Japan

Online Fellowship Possibilities: The importance of sharing gospel through YouTube and Homepage.

Small groups (prayer and Bible studies) by Zoom that started last year is going well. There are participants even from the United States and Canada. The ease of participating from homes is well received. More church fellowship, trainings and Bible studies can be done online.

In 2022, 3 people were baptized!

Mrs. Mariko Ike, who had been participating in the ladies' Bible Study for over ten years and decided to make a public confession of faith of Christ.

Mrs. Keiko Takeuchi is a Japanese living in Calgary, Canada. After participating in YouTube services and small groups from Canada, she visited Japan and chose to be baptized at the Sayama Church of Christ.

Atsuko Mano. After moving from downtown Tokyo, she saw our church homepage and came to worship.


Pastor Karakawa, with whom we share BCC support, is faithfully serving 2 small congregations in Kagoshima prefectu

re that were planted by American missionaries back in 1950s.

Kagoshima church (left), Kushikino church (right)

Please note: Due to a current Covid-19 spike in January, events are intentionally spread out (4 services each weekend), distributed on YouTube or on hiatus at this time.


WE THANK YOU for being such an encouragement to our ministry here in Japan!