Ministry Partner Update - John & Sonya Rygh

Rygh Update

When I think about this season, I think about new life. The winter has held the ground in a solid state for several months, the vineyards are pruned, and my yard is barren. Yet, Spring and new life are coming. The tulips are just starting to emerge from the ground, the daffodils and crocuses are coming up and soon everything will be bursting with color. These same patterns are at work in my own life, seasons of pruning and seasons of fruit. When I reflect on Matthew 5 I think of the ways blessings flow from very unexpected places. That in our grief and mourning God shows up and brings about peace. The same way is true in my life when God prunes away things, things that personally I thought I wanted to hold onto only to bring an even greater harvest. May we lean in and let God do His amazing work in our lives as we trust Him. ~ Sonya

John & Sonya have worked with Cru for thirty years and have five children. Their passion is to help start new spiritual movements on campuses around the world so everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.

Sonya is a Team Leader for the Portland Metro team and is giving leadership to over 20 campuses in the Metro area. She is also part of helping to resource high school students and ministries. She dreams of the day when all 271,000 students in the metro area have had the opportunity to hear the good news that brings life.

John gives national leadership to Cru’s internship program. The internship program is a one year full-time job with Cru where the intern is embedded on a local team. During that year they are exposed to hands-on opportunities in personal evangelism and discipleship, leading small groups, launching ministries and an international missions experience giving them a chance to explore if God is calling them to full time ministry. With over 200 Cru interns across the country, this is an exciting opportunity to mobilize the next generation of leaders in the body of Christ.