Repentance is often used regarding faith, but how much do we practice it? Yes, we focus on it when there is that initial moment of trusting in Jesus or when we "get caught," but what about repentance as an ongoing rhythm of faith?

Martin Luther is credited with saying, "The entire life of believers should be one of repentance."

The invitation of Lent is to practice just that sort of life.

Repentance always begins with an inward movement. Whether that is a check in our spirit, a feeling of regret, remorse, or resignation, it always starts in the heart. Sometimes it is that nagging thought of something we did, or perhaps a loved one points something out that "rings true" in our gut. The feeli

ng or thought always starts inwardly, which is the first chance we have to explore or ignore that check.

So this week, the invitation is to pay attention to what is happening inside you. As you examine your words, actions, and thoughts, don't ignore what God might reveal to you. Then, rather than ignore it, explore it.

May God's peace and presence be with you and his voice be clear.

Grant Hickman

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