Ministry Partner Update - Lee & Cheryl Albaugh

Albaugh Update

Dear friends and partners in ministry:

The past year has been what I would call unpredictable and changing, but I also know that our God is predictably unchanging in His plans and purposes.

In late 2021, we knew that the challenges of Covid in the world had changed things, but in spite of that, it was time to encourage and engage with our partners in Zambia and other regions of Africa. With that knowledge, we made a plan to go in March last year (2022) for a month, which resulted in plans to return in October and November.

When I went in March, the government in Zambia was beginning to lift the stringent Covid restrictions. During my time there, Pastor Evaristo Chongwem and I were able to spend time together. He took me to church (a large open shell with unfinished roof) with the congregation all seated wearing masks, spaced apart, but it was their first time able to meet! It was a praise gathering indeed! This was typical of the whole trip. What I found is that the churches had actually grown in number during Covid, as they broke into house churches that in themselves now had become worshipping communities! Doesn’t it amaze you when God does the unexpected?

Here are a few of the unexpected things you have been part of with your prayers and support:

Now, in light of what was learned, we focus on 2023. What needs to happen this year?

Here are a few steps we need to take in coming months:

I rejoice in how God has been at work, and is working. He never stops! There is still the brokenness of our world and the lost who have not come to Him. He is patient, and so we push on and keep looking up.

Would You Consider?
I often think of where we are in light of His plan. No one knows the day or the hour: “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” “Therefore, keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.” (Matt 24:36, 25:13) He will come, as He went, in the clouds of Heaven! When I was young, these words took us to the mission field. What I say now is, we are closer than ever! Come Lord Jesus, come! In the present, we just keep moving on and rejoice in His provision.

There is much to be done.
Would you write and let us know how we can count on you in 2023? This helps us be able to see what we can plan for and how we can meet the ministry needs. We are a faith based mission and dependent on your partnership to meet the ministry needs. We also have a new online giving ability that you can find at You can also see our website there.

God bless you, keep you strong and, yes, keep looking up!

Your Partners until that Day!
Lee, Cheryl and all the team in Africa