There is a family of 12 siblings in Spain (The Hernandez-Perez family) that was awarded a Guinness World Record when their combined age was confirmed as 1,058 years and 249 days. The brothers and sisters, range in age from 76 to 97.

Can you Imagine their stories? Their gatherings? Holidays? The rich family friendships and real relational strife? I can only imagine the hopes, desires, and disappointments in a family of brothers and sisters who’ve lived for 1058 years and 249 days.

And as I say that, I can only imagine the hopes, desires, and disappointments – unmet expectations – for those of you reading this. For some of you, it is in the past, perhaps hidden, and perhaps faded. For some of you, it is very fresh and very raw, and very real.

Brene Brown says “Disappointment is unmet expectation. The more significant the expectation the more significant the disappointment”

What is true – what God is clear about in His Word is that God sees you. He knows the ache in your soul and the hope in your heart. He understands better than anyone the deep disappointments and challenges you’ve experienced. Perhaps these disappointments were because of something that was:

He sees you. In your crushed hope. In your disappointment. He sees you. He also HEARS you. And He invites you to cry out to him.

I love that our God sees us and hears us. And I also love that he promises that “We do not mourn as one who has no hope” Scripture promises that “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

As followers of Jesus, our disappointment will never be truly extinguished because there will be heart ache and soul ache until we are together with him. But as people of Jesus, we get to have an eternal perspective looking ahead to what has been promised as we join Him in bringing His Kingdom come on earth as in heaven.

I pray today that this encourages you as it does me.

Chris Yarco
Lead Executive