Better Together

In 2014, guided by the discernment of our elders and with numerous invitations, we formally embraced the role of coaching and supporting other churches, primarily in the Pacific Northwest but also across the country. The churches we’ve partnered with have ranged from small startups with limited resources to congregations with thousands of members. In most cases, when our coaching journey concludes, we rejoice in the progress the Lord has enabled and celebrate the flourishing of these churches in their respective neighborhoods. And in some extraordinary instances, we have discovered a clear alignment of purpose, goals, and vision, combined with a compelling need, which has led us to join forces on mission and become one church with them.

Over two years ago, we embarked on a coaching journey alongside New Hope as they adopted Mt. Scott Church of God in SE Portland.

This collaboration allowed us to engage in various projects together and deepen our understanding of each other’s ministry values. We are thrilled to announce that as of January 2024, New Hope and Willamette Christian Church will merge as one church, serving four distinct communities.

While our reach broadens, on all our campuses we will remain focused on the communities of folks we are called to reach and serve. We will seek to leverage the incredible talents, resources, and gifts of you all, our staff, and those the Lord brings to us, to experience greater Kingdom Growth.

New Hope Lead Pastor John Rosensteel will transition from his role to a more central role in our broader church. He will play a vital role in supporting ministry at New Hope, the WCC campus, and across our church. We will also welcome three members of the New Hope Elder team to join our existing governance board to continue to protect the future of our church.

Thank you for your faith, optimism prayers, and enthusiasm for the future of our church. Learn more about New Hope here.