MTS Sunday

As a church family, we have the honor of hearing from Steve and Celestia Tracy, Founders of Mending the Soul, this Sunday, November 26.

Mending the Soul (MTS) is a nonprofit organization with a global mission to bring accessible healing from trauma and abuse in Jesus' name. MTS is a Biblically-based curriculum done in community with a commitment to using the truth of scripture to bring healing and freedom.

This Sunday, you will get to hear about MTS’s work in Congo and how the curriculum they wrote for western culture has easily been adapted to serve the needs of individuals living in traumatized Congo. It is said that 100% of Congolese are traumatized by daily living in their war-torn country.

Our mission’s leadership team, representing all 4 of our campuses, has designated $60,000 per year for 3 years to support a field office in Congo. This field office will train facilitators to support and meet the needs of their community.

We invite you to participate in praying for MTS in Congo and, if you would like to support their work through giving to BCC missions, you will have the opportunity to do so this Sunday in our lobby or any time on our website.

Thank you for your continued desire to support impactful ministry right here at home and on the other side of the world.


Angie Rettmann
Missions Leadership Team Member