Kids Summer Party

At BCC Kids, we talk a lot about three key values:

Jesus – we want BCC Kids to be all about Jesus.
Safety – we want BCC Kids to be the safest place it can be. 
Fun – we want time spent at BCC to be the most fun part of a child’s week.

These three values get lived out every Sunday morning in our classrooms. And during our First Sunday Celebrations. And on Tuesday evenings at Mentorship. And in the many other spaces and places that make up BCC Kids.

But when it comes to fun, perhaps nothing better embodies that value than our annual Kids Summer Party. We started this event back in 2021 as a way to celebrate summer with the kids at BCC, and connect with them outside of the regular classroom context. And as our classrooms have grown over the last three years, so has our Summer Party. Last year we had our biggest party yet, with 150 kids on the guest list!

But here's the best part. Not only is the Summer Party a ton of fun for our kids, it’s also the perfect event for our kids to invite their friends to. Every year we challenge each of the kids at BCC to invite a pal from school or their neighborhood, and every year we see dozens of kids at the party who we’ve never seen before. Kids who then get to hear about Jesus, and have a ton of fun in a church context. Many of those kids end up coming back on Sundays, or for future events. Which means the annual Kids Summer Party is not only a great tradition for the kids who call BCC home, but also great way to reach the emerging generation in Beaverton with the good news of Jesus.

Our fourth annual Summer Party is right around the corner…and we’ve had a blast planning it! We are delighted to invite your K-5th graders to join us from 6-8pm on Tuesday, July 2nd for an evening to remember. We’ll sing songs, share stories, play games, and have a ton of fun learning about Jesus together. The event is free – all you need to do is register by going to

So tell your kids to invite their friends, and we’ll see you on Tuesday evening!

Peter Holmes
Families Pastor