Maybe you haven't been part of a women's community group in the past few years and are wondering what to expect.

What to Expect? Our session is structured to follow along with the Sunday teaching series. In addition, we have curriculum that goes along with the series and outlines a daily rhythm. The daily rhythm consists of scripture reading and self-guided reflection.

What if I'm too busy to get through the daily readings and prompts every week?Most daily readings are short and can be completed within 5 minutes. The daily prompts are designed for you to spend as much or as little time as you are able to give towards prayer, reflection, and journaling. In addition, we also benefit from thoughtful and insightful teaching every Sunday, so if you're only able to catch Sunday's message each week, you are able to participate in meaningful listening and conversation around the table.

What if I'm not yet convinced I want to follow Jesus, or be part of a church, but would like to be part of a conversation as I work towards making a decision? We would love to have you join us. You don't need to be a Christian before belonging at our table. We are honored by your trust and would in turn honor your stance and process.

What if I'm carrying hurt from past church experiences and am nervous to jump into a group? We are deeply sorry for the hurt you carry. We know that it takes courage to join a group and that there are risks involved. Just hoping that our groups are safe spaces doesn't make them safe. Instead, we work to make this a priority -- from the leader of the group to the group members -- by creating respectful environments that foster safety.

What does a respectful environment look like? The Body of Christ is made up of diverse people, and that diversity gives way to multiple expressions. We respect, value, learn from, and engage in mutuality with each person at the table as a bearer of God's image.

What if I'm a newer to church and don't really know my way around the Bible or many of the concepts spoken of in church? We believe that growth happens best in the context of community. Not knowing how to read the Bible or being familiar with Biblical teachings is completely normal and understandable. Each person is in a different stage of knowledge, understanding, wisdom, etc., and it's by coming together and sharing of ourselves with each other that we teach one another and encourage one another.

What if I've been a believer for a long time and am looking for depth? The daily readings can serve as just the beginning of your exploration into scripture. Go to your Bible and read the entire chapter, or if it's a short book and you have the time, read the whole book. The daily prompts could also serve as a springboard for searching God's word in a broader context to find the themes and concepts we are learning each week. Finally, self-examination is perhaps the hardest to keep practicing, but as we grow in maturity, we also grow in our ability to not only study God's word but to continue growing in our application of that knowledge.

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