I grew up in a church tradition that highly valued daily Bible reading. I tried my best, but it was hard to be faithful every day. Some days I didn’t know what to make of the words I read, least of all how to apply them. I felt like there was more to those words written in another time and place that I did not understand. But I did my best to open my Bible, read it, and decipher its messages so I could live them out.

In my mid-20s I participated in my first Bible study—A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place by Beth Moore. I could not get enough. Beth walked her readers through the details of the wilderness tabernacle. She helped us understand its significance in its original context, in the ongoing story of the Bible, and in my own walk with God. I devoured her homework, 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week, that I sometimes crammed into one mega study session. I supplemented with the study notes in my Bible and anything else I could find. I drug my group members along, sharing all my insights. It was exhilarating. At least for me. I’m not sure about them. But they encouraged me to continue. And I have.

Thirty years later I’m still exhilarated by studying the Bible. That excitement has grown into a lifelong passion, not just for my own study, but to help others in theirs. There is nothing like the thrill of seeing someone else discover God’s messages in the ancient writings of the Bible and know how to respond.

I am excited for the privilege to do that at BCC. I look forward to working together to find the messages God has for us in the book of Jonah and to discover how we can live out those messages in our own lives.

Michaela Miller

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